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Highgate Cemetery

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Neil is the in-house stonemason for Highgate Cemetery, producing some of the finest monuments the cemetery has ever seen. Apart from being one of London’s greatest treasures, Highgate Cemetery is a haven of beauty and tranquillity, far away from the hustle and bustle of London life.

It is a place of peace and contemplation. Who could not be moved by the setting itself? There is a romantic confusion of plants, trees, memorials and wildlife. The ubiquitous ivy, wild flowers and native grasses provide not only a beautiful setting, but also a sanctuary for nature — butterflies, bird life, insects and small mammals, such as foxes and hedgehogs, flourish in the heart of London.

This has been achieved, over many years, through sensitive restoration, managed planting of native trees and meticulous love and care for the entire environment.

Most importantly Highgate remains a working cemetery today. As new memorials are installed, guidance is provided to help ensure that sensitivity to the Highgate environment continues.



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