Neil Luxton


sleuthletter cutting by Neil LuxtonsleuthAn example of hand carved letters, by Neil.

The Art of Letter Cutting
Neil Luxton is experienced in cutting letters in a wide variety of different forms, styles and languages.
During the 20th century the work of Eric Gill and David Kindersley led to the revival of interest in letter cutting.

This led to the artist letter cutter studying and becoming highly skilled in the face, form and design of lettering. Neil Luxton can explain and demonstrate the different lettering approaches, to illustrate how letters carved by hand achieve a dimensional quality altogether different from those cut by machine.

Neil undertakes the entire production process from design, through letter cutting and carving, to creation in order to ensure compatibility and empathy at every stage of the process. This is in complete contrast to the segregation of responsibilities that exists in the commercial world and which all too often leads to an outcome which is harsh, sterile and dispassionate.

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