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sleuthAnn Kent Momorial by Neil LuxtonsleuthMemorial for Ann Kent within Highgate Cemetery.

Why Commission a Memorial?
Memorials that are personal, unique and in harmony with their environment are works of art. This can apply to even the most modest memorial. For many people commissioning a memorial may be the only opportunity they have for creating a work of art with a living artist craftsman.

The time taken to produce a memorial varies, with complexity. However this stage will never delay installation of the memorial.

Neil can provide a specific time estimate and subsequent status reports, as required.

Fixing the Memorial
While this is dependent on the overall memorial design, the traditional headstone fixing method may be used. This means that the stone can usually be fixed in the ground, without the need for visible surface supports.

However, ground structure varies from location to location and may in some places necessitate the use of a surface plinth.

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